New tech Book by a Former Dayton Native and Friend

Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide is available on Amazon for pre-order right now.

Root your Asus HD7 Now

I couldn't find complete, straight-forward instructions for rooting my new Asus tablet, so I wrote this article.

Excellent Instructions for Using a Raspberry Pi as a Web Kiosk

I wrote this article as a result of not being able to find clear instructions on who to lock down a web kiosk I built with a Raspberry Pi computer. Learn from my Experience.

ICVerify: All your Woes Easily Solved

This is an explaination of how I cured myself of the ICVerify blues.

10 Must Know Topics for Using PowerPoint as Digital Signage

Learn from my years of usng PowerPoint as Inexpensive Digital Signage. Must Know Topics!

ICVerify “Cannot Start Program” error and Set File

Tutorial on fixing Cannot Start Program Error in ICVerify 4.


Defining difference between Windows users & Mac users, funny.

This was also awesomely funny and must be shared.

The original source is here. Click on picture to view complete pic.
If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

Pirated DVD vs Legal DVD, Funny

I got a kick out of this and wanted to share.
Original source is here. Click on the image to be able to view the whole thing.
If you aren't reading this at, you should be.


I love Google Analytics

I'm a techie and understand that every IP address is traceable.  While I understand how Google Analytics works, I still get a huge kick out of the map overlay section. I love that it can tell me down to the city the originating locale of my traffic. Since I am a very small little blog, I can definitely tell which friends are reading and which aren't.  Some location aren't surprising (like Dayton/Springfield), some locations are quite a surprise. I've gotten hits in California from San Francisco to LA. I only have like 3 friends in CA and one that I know specifically is in LA (Hi Amy). Thanks for the love Southern half of CA. I've even started getting more foreign hits. Germany, India, China, etc; of course those may be the same locations that spammed me the other day.

Furthermore, I find the referring sites section extremely interesting. I have gotten a couple of surprises there. A nice web design site called has sent me some traffic.  I haven't figured out why yet as I don't see any links to my blog or anything.  Regardless, thanks :)

I wanted to write this to let Google know I appreciate their tools.  They have taken quite a beating in the media about their Google Buzz social networking app. While I haven't used it but for 2 seconds, I still love Gmail, Google Docs, Analytics, Reader, and Blogger.  I am also looking forward to seeing how Google works out the whole book scanning, giant digital library scheme. That should be cool.


Before you buy an iPad, this is how much the mark-up is on each,iSuppliEstimates.aspx

Not a bad profit for Apple huh?


Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats

Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats

Highlights of Good Ideas from this Article:
-Unshorten Shortened URLs
-Watch your Privacy Online
-Careful of Adware, Scareware, Malware, etc
-Be wary of unsolicited text messages
-Protect your laptop in case it is lost Stolen
-Not all wi-fi signals are your friend
-Backup your damn data

See I shorted it to 7 good points for you ;)

Virus Comes Back From Dead to Hit Hard Drives - - Business Technology Leadership

Virus Comes Back From Dead to Hit Hard Drives - - Business Technology Leadership:

Quick highlights:
-Old Virus used as prank, escaped into the wild
-Travels via USB drives and infected web sites
-Wipes MBR (Master Boot Record) Rendering drive useless to general users.
-Another good reason to run Anti-virus (Avast or AVG) and Spyware (Spybot or Ad-Aware).


Cross Posting social networks part 2: Lessons Learned

So I've learned a few things about cross posting to multiple social networking services.  Last time I wrote about cross posting I billed Windows Live Writer with the xPollinate add-in as a cure all.

Well that methodology left me with a bunch of duplicate posts and I was only able to update my blog from the 1 PC I had installed Live Writer on.  Don't get me wrong, Live Writer is a good app, but I use multiple computers and prefer to work in the cloud.

I have been tweaking my various social networking sites trying to figure out the best method (with the least effort) to update all my social networking sites at once, with out duplicates, with little to no intervention on my part except an initial blog post or status update.

Here is the configuration I finally came up with.

  1. Post new content to Blogspot (using Blog This bookmarklet in Chrome, Send To in Google Reader, the Blogspot website, or via Email). 
  2. After configuration will post RSS feeds from Blogspot to a designated spot. 
    1. I set up a separate feed to for micro-blogs and blogs. I deleted the one I had setup for Statuses as it was giving me double posts.
  3. is an option on twitterfeed, so I used it to notify all my social sites of a new blog post.
    1. I had to turn blogger (aka blogspot) off in, so that when I update my status via SMS, I don't get double posts when twitterfeed updates from blogspot.
I'm always toying with this stuff, so I will write an update if I find a better way to cross post.

Hackers Wield Newest IE Exploit in Drive-By Attacks - - Business Technology Leadership

This is for those people who have no head about this already. Scary stuff. If you are using Internet Explorer version 6. You need to upgrade immediately. Check out the article for details: Hackers Wield Newest IE Exploit in Drive-By Attacks - - Business Technology Leadership You can get the newest IE version here. Personally, I haven't used IE in a long time. I have been migrating from Firefox to Chrome here lately. Chrome seems to run much faster then Firefox. However, the add-on extensions for Chrome just aren't there yet. If you are used to IE, Firefox will seem like a race car. If you switch to Chrome for IE, Chrome will feel like a rocket ship.