New tech Book by a Former Dayton Native and Friend

Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide is available on Amazon for pre-order right now.

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Anyone Else addicted to Territory War Online?

The game Territory War Online is a simple turn based stick figure assault. You build your team very simply by picking names and hats. Then you play against other people worldwide while trying to eliminate their stick figure team first. It amuses me greatly.  Anyone else play? What's your handle?


Cincinnati Bell Wireless (CBW) Comes through again

Hopefully, you read my post from early this morning about the issues I was having with my phone, CBW, and their insurance.

The phone issue has been resolved by some very diligent CBW employees. The beginning of the resolution comes quite abnormally.

This morning I received a comment on my previous CBW blog post from a CBW rep named Katie asking me to contact her via email. After verifying the email was valid and not a scam, I emailed her my phone number.

Two hours later the manager, Kent, from the Fairfield Commons CBW store called me to find a solution. He was quite helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. He offered to replace my phone on a tiered pricing scale. That means I was given the choice of a nice discount on the 2 better models and offered the most similar model at no cost. I decided to go with the 8520 Blackberry (no cost) as I really just wanted my 8320 replaced. I certainly tried to justify my price of the newest model, but ultimately sided with the more financially practical.

I went to the store to pick up the phone and everything was ready for me. The employee, Shaun, was also friendly and professional. Since I didn't need my data copied, I was out of there in 3 minutes.

And this is why I always recommend CBW. It is this high level of service that always leaves me smiling. Aside from the initial snafu, CBW has always made sure I felt appreciated as a customer. And as a long time customer, I can say that I have never had a problem with their network coverage.

That is saying a lot as I have had issues with TMobile, Verizon, and AT&T (a long time ago). Furthermore, I used to work for Sprint, so I know they blow.

Lastly, another commentor suggested I wasn't aware of how the insurance worked. Quite the opposite actually. Granted I was more familiar with Sprint's insurance (their TEP is pretty good), but my issue was expecting to much from what is not a Total equipment protection plan. The insurance I HAD was basically a discount plan. I am also very familiar with equipment warranties. As a technology contractor, I deal with them frequently. The problem with dealing directly with the manufacturer is that they are usually intentionally slow. It forces you to buy a replacement.

Anyway, I am a happy CBW customer again. Thanks everyone

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.


iPad Killer from Microsoft


Myspace blocks shortened URL's and

I just checked my myspace account to verify my links are going through.  They are not.  All the other sites I auto-update are working fine as far as I know.  I want to apologize for the slew of broken links and false malicious site warnings.

However, I have come to learn that myspace blocks all shortened URL's such at  That is very annoying. Myspace claims it is because spammers were abusing the service, but I think it is to force people to log on to the actual site to update statuses.  It also doesn't allow or other blogspot addresses. Which is even more annoying. Ihaven't found or received a good reason for this. It says it is a malicious website which is false. What is the point of using a social service that doesn't let me share my work?  I am coming to find Myspace even more anti-social than Facebook.

The way I update my accounts to let you know I posted a blog post consists of 3 steps. First, I post the actual blog. Then parses my RSS feed and sends it to then sends a message to all my social networking services stating a blog has been posted, so you can see them.

I would like very much if I could turn off link shortening in twitterfeed, but we can't, so I have to deal. I have changed from to digg. So we will see if myspace blocks that one too.