ICVerify 4 Troubleshooting: Solve all your problems at last

Many of you stop by this site for the article on First Data’s ICVerify 4 (and lower versions) program. If you are like me, this program is unstable on operating systems above Windows XP. Getting it to run properly on on Windows 7 was difficult. Getting it to run stable was almost impossible. The latest verision I worked with was 4.2.1. I went to the First Data website for ICVerify to make sure there wasn’t a much newer version before I wrote this article. I found that the version listed is 4.0.2 and the download links have been disabled.

This leads me to believe ICVerify is discontinued. I did find a site selling 5.7, but I couldn’t get ahold of their customer service and the product cover looked like the 4.0.2 version.

Also, if you have called support about ICVerify, you know it is abysmal.

If you have reached the end of your wits and want to get rid of ICVerify but keep First Data as your payment processor, call your account rep about thier web based e4 gateway product. It does everything ICVerify did, but in an easy to manage SAAS web environment. It is very cheap. Like $15 dollars a month cheap for unlimited users.

At that cost, it is insainely easy to justify the subscription price. Your support costs for ICVerify have to be higher than that each day.

I want to say that I am offering this information as a way to ease your ICVerify headaches. I do not receive any kickbacks from First Data to discuss their products (I am willing though!).

Checkout their video demo

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