Microsoft Office 2013: To-Do / Calendar Bar Missing Functionality

I just recently started using Office 2013 and have some things to which I must get accustomed.

However, I felt that I needed to share this discovery as there seems to be much aggravation from the user base concerning this topic.

The almighty To-Do and Appointment Bar has been crippled and been replaced by a highly annoying Peeks functionality. Peeks allows you to pick a day and see what’s going on. Much different than seeing your next 5 or so days worth of appointments onscreen next to your email.

Thanks to Diane Poremsky and this blog post covering the topic. She informed me of an Appointment and to Do Addin from gamosoft on Codeplex.

It brings back the functionality I have vehemently been trying to find in this new version.

There are many other new features which lead to annoyances in Office 2013. So many in fact, my current recommendation is to stick with 2010 for long time users of the office suite.

Even so, the did remove the annoying suggested contacts feature in 2013.  Click to see a full list of deprecations in Office 2013.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on Office 2010 versus 2013.

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