Everett M. Roger’s Diffusions of Innovation is a hefty analysis of the diffusion approach. This is a framework in which to evaluate the impact of developmental programs.  Roger’s takes a look at this approach in combination with the convergence of information exchange.  Ultimately, this book was written as a challenge to diffusion scholars to expand beyond their traditional methods.

Sounds like an extremely dry topic doesn’t it? I’d love to claim otherwise.  This book is a tough read.  It is packed with scholarly information. It reads like a textbook. Regardless, it is fascinating as it examines how innovations are communicated over time through social channels. For me, it is a form of change management. This book shows how and why innovation (or change) flows through an organization.

Understanding the stages of innovation diffusion is much like learning the stages of team development.  Once you know them, you can never unlearn them. If you are involved with change or developing solutions, you will see the phases, the communication networks, the types of human behavior described in this book in every facet of your work interactions. If you can master the information in this book you can practically predict the people and processes that will make your efforts succeed. You will also have the wisdom to avoid the people and pitfalls that can hurt your efforts.  You’ll also learn about how to effectively market your change efforts through the most effective communication channels.

I should warn you, this book is not new.  The most recent edition was released in 2003. The first edition was in 1962. Maybe that is why it is so powerful.  The knowledge has evolved over decades.  I challenge you to chip away at the knowledge in this book.  You will not regret it.


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