Curiously, this book picks up where the book from my previous review, Inbound Marketing, leaves off, even though this book was published several months before.  Bernie Borges’, Marketing 2.0, dives into blogging, twitter, and social media. While the book was published in 2009, it still holds relevancy.

My take on this book is that the real value comes in the discussions about staffing, content creation, strategy, and risk assessment. Borges’ shows you how to integrate these topics into your business. Maybe more importantly, he shows you what it will take, staff, planning, and execution-wise, to make an impact on your marketing efforts.  Far to many businesses, especially SMB’s, heap all of marketing 2.0 functions into an existing role. That method is a recipe for failure.  This book shows you how to succeed and avoid that mistake.

The target audience for this book is more the Marketing Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, or whomever in your company leads your marketing efforts and needs an organizational focused introduction to inbound marketing.  This is a guidebook for putting the correct amount of staff and the correct talent into designated roles for ensuring your marketing 2.0 efforts. It is much more organizationally focused than other books on this topic. As such, Borges’ covers success metrics, creating your social marketing strategy, and ensuring you have management buy in.

Marketing 2.0 is still a great read for those folks who need to break into the web and social marketing. If you are charged with marketing the products or services for a company who is afraid to jump into social marketing, need to know where to start with strategy, or need to justify additional labor, this book is for you.  Happy Marketing!


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