It has been web marketing book week so far here at Priceless Geek. First we took a look at Inbound Marketing by the founders of HubSpot. Then we took a look at Marketing 2.0 by Bernie Borges.  Today we are looking at Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik of Sybex. The tagline on this book is, “The art of online accountability and science of customer centricity.”

Kaushik has authored an excellent intro into web analytics.  As you can see, when I talked about the rabbit hole of online marketing topics, I wasn’t kidding.  Here we are digging into making sense of all the analytics your website can provide your business. It is easy to get lost in the endless fields of available data. This book gives you a foundation on where to start along with a path to follow for success.

The book is precisely organized as your would expect from someone with an analytical mind. Each major topic is broken out into small sections.  This style makes this thick book seem like a quick read. Kaushik covers the foundational web metrics like visits, bounce, and conversion.  Then he expands into SEO, traffic analysis, and KPI’s.  Additionally, he also covers great topics like vetting your metric software tools and vendors, figuring out which metrics are best for your purpose, and how to ensure upper management is involved.

Web Analytics 2.0 is a the book you need to read once you have your website running and some inbound marketing in place. It will help you transform your site from a cost center to a profit center. 


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